Wooden Boat Rendezvous

Good morning everyone. We have had an awesome last few days. Tuesday we sailed in to the home of Wooden Boat magazine and the Wooden Boat School alog with the rest of the fleet. There were a dozen of the windjammers present. The rains just poured all night long but we were cozy by the fire under the awnings. There was even a brief brake in the rain, enough for a small fireworks display to put an end to a great day.

The wind swung around to the west and blew hard yesterday. We tucked
a deep reef in the main and along with the rest of the fleet flew up
and down Blue Hill Bay. The wind gusted to 30 knots at times and
with just 3 lower sails we were still clipping along, at times
exceeding 10 knots. We anchored here in "lobster cove" for an
evening picnic ashore. The stars last night were just phenomenal.
One of the guests brought a laser pointer and she was able to give us
a tour of the constellations.

I read some poetry from the islands by
my favorite Maine writer, Ruth Moore. The loons were our alarm clock
this morning with a half dozen diving and calling at sunrise. What a
joy to hear such an ancient sound. A bald eagle perched atop an oak
tree took flight after an osprey and the two danced in the air for
several minutes before the osprey disappeared over the island. I
went for a run ashore and saw 5 deer in a meadow. The first crimson
touches of autumn are tipping the leaves of the maples.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Have mercy.

Photos by Neil Parent.