Windjammers Sailing Penobscot Bay

Good morning everyone. We had a dandy sail yesterday as a light northwest wind came gently off the Camden Hills, We sailed in company with the rest of the fleet. This afternoon we gather at the Great Cove in Brooklin for our annual Windjammer Rendezvous. This is our last 6 day cruise of the season. That brings sadness to my heart like you don’t know. This season has flown by way too fast.
We had some great photographic opportunities as windjammers comparatively sailed side by each (aka racing). The light on the water was its usual Penobscot Bay run of the mill awesome. Maine photographer Neal Parent is aboard helping us get the most out of our cameras. As we will be anchored with the fleet this afternoon I took the opportunity to hide away in this tiny little cove. We’ll wait for this morning’s gentle showers to clear off before we get underway. Life is good here in our little windjammer world.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Cap – As the season begins to wind down I keep harking back to my week aboard back in July. Today's post, "Windjammers Sailing Penobscot Bay" got me thinking about the tour of Penobscot Bay we had the week of July 6 this year. Without your knowledge I maintained a log (with the help of an electronic device) of our course. I plotted that course on a map and provide the following link to anyone who might be interested. Mary Day course July 6 – 11, 2009.

  2. Only one week from today and we board the airship for our journey to the land of lobsters, maple syrup, and the best sailing to be found on the planet. I was looking back at the Wooden Boat school material and took the 47 pin position test. I was dismayed that I missed two. Well I guess you get rusty after a year in dry dock. Looking forward to a great time. Tell everyone Al from Alabama is coming.

  3. The sailing world is still a bit off kilter or at least the Alabama Mary Day portion of the sailing world as Ed and Al will not be sailing together. A situation that must be addressed in the not too distant future. Captain Barry and Captain Jen please ply some of your famous experiential teaching techniques on my particular friend Al and his current shipmate Martha to convince him that sailing with his tie mate next season will be to his best advantage.

    All kidding aside I hope the cruise enjoys fair winds and I look forward to sailing with Al on his own boat while towing my dinghy.

  4. I just re-read Al's comment. Does rust accumulate while in "dry dock?" Here in the south nothing stays dry and I suspect his difficulty with the pin positions is due to mildew of the brain (or maybe old age) rather than rust.

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