Windjammer Weekend

Good morning everyone. What a past few days we have had here in the Bay. Windjammer Weekend was this past weekend and the celebration was an absolute success complete with fireworks, talent show, and many folks aboard during our open house events. The Mary Day crew performed a couple of tunes at the talent show. Jen, the kids and I attended an open house aboard the visiting Navy ship anchored just outside the harbor. It was awesome.

Monday morning we left Camden with a spanking northwesterly breeze and sailed 40+ miles by days end. Yesterday we added another 35 miles to the odometer and so far we have seen 10 lighthouses during this cruise. We do not often get to see Heron Neck light in Hurricane Sound but Mondays breeze took us out around the south side of Vinalhaven. Yesterday morning we hiked up to see the light at Hockamock Head while we were anchored in Burnt Coat Harbor. The forecast looks to be filled with more sunny days so we will enjoy them while we can. Autumn is clearly in the air and the sailing is as brisk as the cool breeze.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Great post. You are obviously having a wonderful time. The crew looks absolutely beautiful and I’m sure they sounded even better. I heard them rehearsing back in July so they should have been “spot on.”

    We came through Gustav with nary a scratch. I’m hoping Ike and Josephine swing around to the northeast and blow themselves out of harms way in the mid-Atlantic. I do see that the predicted track of Hanna puts her in Camden Sunday morning. Batten down securely and ride out the blow and rain.

    Fair Winds — Ed

    PS What type of navy ship was that?

  2. For those inquring minds, the Whidbey Island Naval ship is used as a taxi service for the marines, delivering men/women and their amphibious crafts to shore….A very interesting ship to visit.

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