Windjammer Sunrise Before The Great Schooner Race

Good morning everyone. I was up lighting the cookstove early this morning. What a treat to see the sunrise. Oh yeah, that is Sawyer and his friend Elliot, the future of traditional sail, hanging out at the masthead. Don’t worry Mom. They are clipped in.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. From a Maine Windjammer Association Facebook post, today, July 5, 2001. "We have our first winner! The Schooner Mary Day has won the Windward Class. Congrats Captain Barry!"

    My congratulations, too. Those of us who sail aboard the Mary Day know she cannot be outclassed.


  2. There has to be some reward for getting up that early. I guess this is it.

    This is about as calm as it gets. I hope the wind filled in some before the race.

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