Windjammer Reflections

Good morning everyone. We are finishing a week of two very cool three day cruises. We finally received some much needed rain mid-week.We do not travel far on a three day cruise but for everyone aboard we experienced a world light years away from the mainland. I was talking with a newly wed couple last evening about how lucky we are to have this chance to get away. The reflections in Kathleen’s glasses kept catching my eye. I could see the whole schooner and the clouds over the bay at sunset. I see more through other peoples eyes than perhaps they might realize. How wonderful for this young couple to be starting a new life together. How amazing are the three brothers taken a few days to just hang out together. Sawyer and Courtney made some new younger friends who live in a whole different world in suburban D.C. The whole of this crazy world came together aboard Mary Day this week and for just a few short days we were at peace with ourselves. How cool is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. It's totally cool, dear Captain. I have met wonderful people from different states, as far away as Hawaii, and have sailed with our neighbors in Canada, as well as lovely folks from Europe. Remember the German fellas? They were a hoot! I love that our ship becomes a mini-world, full of people from all walks of life. What a treat it is to experience life on the beautiful Mary Day, for 3 days or more. I can't wait to give all of you hugs 2 weeks from now. Abrazos, Michele

  2. September 1, 2010:
    Ahhh! September is finally here, bringing, cooler weather, at last, crisp nights, crunchy apples, and great sailing!
    Full of anticipation, I bring my bags down from the closet shelf, and start getting ready for the best week of the year; my sail on the beautiful Mary Day
    see you soon! Abrazos, Michele

    By all these lovely tokens
    September days are here,
    With summer's best of weather,
    And autumn's best of cheer.

    Helen Hunt Jackson

  3. We had a wonderful time and would recommend this cruise to anyone! 🙂 Captain Barry and all of the crew were awesome to get to know in just a few short days.

  4. It's pretty cool, that's what. A landlubber in a high altitude valley of southern Colorado, thankful to be back teaching/have a job, 3 weeks into it however, I long to be back in Maine on the Mary Day. I miss her sails. I miss her wood. I miss her lull. I miss the people I met, which speaks volumes, because I'm not a people person. I miss seeing lobstermen putting in such hard days work. I miss the Earl of Swan Island & his garden rabbits. Chuck

  5. Captain, O Captain, where art our blogs? We do miss them and hope everything is going well. Wishing you fall breezes and wonderful color.


  6. Hi Captain Barry & the Crew! Just got back to CT and I miss you all, and my time on the Mary Day, intensely. All of you and my fellow passengers, including Miss Abigail of CellarDoor Winery, contributed to an amazing 4 days for me. It rejuvenated me, physically and spiritually, in a way that I've been in dire need of, for quite some time. Thank you for a safe passage, gorgeous scenery, warm camaraderie, great food, extremely comfortable cabin and entertaining evenings, from the very bottom of my grateful heart.
    Ina (I hope I spelled that correctly), you are an awesome chef and I enjoyed having someone cook for me, for a change. Ally, Katie, Rob and Johann, you were all warm and friendly to me and I don't even mind that you bruised my fragile ego by beating me at Scrabble, Katie! I wish I was sailing out with you again. I must admit I am experiencing a bit of separation anxiety and am jealous of the current passengers!!
    Until we sail again…

    With love and gratitude,
    Cynthia Benno
    aka Suni's Cynnie.

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