Windjammer Elves At Work

Good morning everyone. The little windjammer elves are at work. It may be Sunday but with Christmas just around the bend the pressure is on to get the cards in the mail and cookies made for the neighbors. We are having quite the snow event here with snow easily falling at the 1″/hour rate, maybe even faster this last hour. Bring it on! You know we love the snow. I just came in from shoveling off the shop roof. I am not sure how much more weight the sagging spruce pole rafters were going to take. One of my winter projects is to get new rafters and metal roofing on the shop. The good news is that it only leak when it rains.

I rowed my way through the skim ice yesterday afternoon to double check the chafe gear and the bilges. All is well aboard the schooner. I gave the lonely rocking chair a little pat. The harbor is lovely in the darkness and all was very quiet. I really just wanted to keep rowing for a while. There is a bright white star atop Mt Battie that is lit all through the holiday season. I would love to see it from the islands. I think I am starting to get hungry for a sail on the bay.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. I have been hungry for a ‘sail on the bay’ every since last summer, when I had the pleasure of sailing with you and the crew. I can only imagine how incredibly beautiful it must be in the quiet of the winter season. So very different then the summertime. Each season has its wonders.

    I hope your Christmas season is full of wonders! Elves make the holidays so much more fun! Thanks to Jen for the great newsletter. Loved the pancakes…and the blog.

    Carpe diem–
    Cindy Barker
    (We sailed summer ’06 Sweet Chariot Music Week. Great memories!)

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