Where are we?

maine seabirds, maine windjammer, schooner Mary Day, lighthouse and nature tours, Matinicus I LightGood morning everyone. Today I have a riddle. Like many of our natural/cultural history cruises this has been a week of adventure. We have been over the horizon in several directions. The more folks return the more I feel the need to push the envelope. Early in the season this is easier because there are so few boats out here. It has been a chilly week where we have been but such a small sacrifice for such big adventure. And for folks who left the 90s onshore the respite is welcome.

So based on the the two images here can you guess where we have been. One place we get to a couple times a year because of its wildlife activity. The other place, very close by, is an anchorage I have never visited in the last thirty years. The north wind and clear weather were perfect for both places, one on the way to the other. We did discover one thing. At this time of year puffins are not nearly as numerous in the late afternoon as they are mid-morning.

Well, enough hints. Any guesses?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.maine seabirds, puffins and nature cruises, maine windjammer, schooner Mary Day


  1. Dear Captain, I have no idea where either of those places are, but when I saw those beautiful pictures, I knew I wanted to be there instead of here. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all dads. 🙂

  2. Since I was there I won’t give it away for others. Great puffin shot. What an amazing adventure!

    1. Hey, Karen,
      Didn’t you take all of the emails and names of our group to send out? I can’t wait to e mail our crew. If it was you, please send the list on. If not you, do you remember who it was?

  3. Definitely Matinicus Rock in the distance, it appears you are somewhere NW of it, may be South of Ragged Island. Maybe Seal Cove or Camp Cove as anchorages. Never having been to Matinicus Rock, hoepfully we can get there some day. I was reading an article on Matinicus and its perculiar culture system which resulted in an unfortunatelly incident a year or two or go. Interesting.

  4. Not sure exactly where, except that it is not the Port Newark Marine Terminal. US Coast Pilot 2, pp. 380-81.

  5. Yes, definitely Matinicus Rock, and I would not rule out Matinicus Harbor or one of the other coves on the island for an anchorage. Assuming, of course, that the lobster persons are friendlier there than at, say, Stone Vegas.

  6. I’m tempted to agree with my shipmate Mr. Jacks and say Seal Cove, but Camp Cove’s got my vote just to keep things lively. =) July 22 can’t get here fast enough!

  7. I live in a paradise on a beautiful lake, yet I long for the life of the Mary Day at sea. I just can’t seem to get over being out there; rocking, healing, listening to the screem of the wind. Adjusting sail, tugging on the wheel, listening to the aches and groans of the wooden vessel. Heaven.

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