Waldorf Afloat

Good morning everyone. We have had a very high energy cruise these last 5 days. Aboard for a sail training experience have been the 8th grade classes from the White Mt. Waldorf School and the Hartsbrook Waldorf School. Heads, hands and hearts have been put to work in the culminating experience for each of these classes that have been together with the same teachers for the past 8 years. The close knit tenor of these groups was displayed in their remarkable ability to tack sails, navigate, and tackle all the chores associated with running a large sailing vessel. As these photos by Hartsbrook educator Jeff Kalman will tell you. These folks were busy!
Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. What a wonderful experience for an 8th grader! I only wish I would have had a chance to work on a schooner when I was that age. When our bosses at work talk about the boring, horrid "team building exercises" they plan for us, I tell them, that if they really want to experience team building, they should rent a schooner, if only for a day. Nowhere does the word teamwork have more meaning than on a ship. To see our captain and crew working hard on the Mary Day every day, is to see poetry in motion. You guys make it look so effortless, while we know that it takes a tremendous amount of elbow grease, give-and-take, goodwill, and unselfishness to keep us all safe and afloat. I'm sure that this week is an experience that those kids will never forget.

  2. Michele B got it right on! No "team building" exercises I've ever experienced has surpassed the week Alabama Al and I spent on the Mary Day for the Wooden Boat course. Talk about building a team from a bunch of strangers no less.

  3. My daughter, from Hartsbrook school, came home delighted – full of information and awe. She found the entire crew respectful and fun to be with and said they were all excellent teachers. She loved the food and was amazed by the cook's ability to do it all on the woodstove.

    Many thanks!

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