1. A determined young sailor is perched on the throat of the main gaff, concentrating on whipping a wire rope thimble splice. She's pretty dang high in the air; I trust that her other tether is hooked on a shroud.

  2. I think we can call her a "trucker" as she is at the foremast truck.

    Who doesn't yearn to be sitting/standing on the foresail gaff with the topsail raised re-attaching the topmast stay?

    Am I close?

  3. Upon further review, it is not a topmast stay. Perhaps a quarterlift? Yes, I'm quite certain it is the quarterlift. She is fastening the pin in the shackle using wire. I've also about convinced myself that she is on the mainsail gaff not the foresail.

  4. OK Ed, I think you're almost right. She is perched on the jaws of the main gaff and working on the quarterlift but she isn't wiring the shackle; she is seizing the wire rope thimble splice to cover nasty pointy ends.

  5. Katie is a WONDER!!! Let me know when we have the Katie Cult Club up and running. She said I could be Vice Pres!!!
    There are two laughs on the Mary Day that you know right off the bat… Barry's and Katie's ,So full of life, so 'I'm happy to be alive' laughs:-)!!!

  6. Great to see another sailor's mom reading this blog and enjoying the superb photography! I'll be onboard and checking up on our offspring at the end of the month. Soooo looking forward to it.

    Dotsie (Rob's mom)

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