1. Fantastic… The Eagle has landed and it looks Beautiful!!! Nice job, Barry & Jen. Wish we were there for the celebration. All the best from the West Coast krew.

  2. We were very happy to be able to attend the 50th celebration. We fondly remember our cruise with you September 1999, when I professed my undying love for my bride.

  3. Congradulations to Barry Jen & crew! You are such wonderful stewarts of the Mary Day. Sorry I was unable to attend the celebration but am so excited to see the photos, the Eagle on the stern looks wonderful (even close up Jen!) I hope you enjoy 50 more years! Hopefully Katie doesn’t retire before then.

  4. An extremely well done presentation of a fine lady; she ain’t yet a fine old lady! I missed the show but did enjoy the very thoughtful included photographs. The transom image, complete with reflections is my favorite. Congratulations to Barry, Jen and all for imagination, perseverance and above all for sharing the Mary Day and the schooner experience with us all!!

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