Sweet Chariot Folk Festival

Good morning everyone. We are anchored up here in Blue Hill Bay
taking time for a swim call. The hottest day of the summer is
supposed to be here today so we will especially appreciate the cool
sea breeze that has already started. After a great sail yesterday we
anchored off of a long sandy beach where we picnicked last night and
where we are swimming in the "pool" this morning.

Tuesday was a relatively calm day with the yawl boat getting more of
a work out than we would have liked. At least the fog cleared off so
we were happy to see the islands of Merchants Row. We anchored early
in the afternoon and were regaled by the musicians of the folk
festival as they went chantying around the harbor. As an added extra
treat the musical entourage stopped by our beloved schooner and spent
a half hour aboard singing and filming the musicians at work. We
enjoyed dinner on deck and a leisurely walk to the Odd Fellows hall
before the show began. By all accounts the show was great. The
performances were an eclectic mix of traditional and not so
traditional folk music, humor, african drumming, and more. I am not
sure how show producer Doug Day pulls this whole thing together. His
imagination is his only limitation and given how wild that is he is
certainly one to pull off what looks, from the outside, like a
miracle of coordination and inspiration. The show is not so
different than a schooner, a joyous celebration of what folks can do
when they put their minds to it.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Hi Captains Barry and Jen: I finally got a moment to check into your website. What a nice job you do telling us about your coming and goings.

    Naturally loved the description of the Sweet Chariots festival. It was indeed a wonderful time for me, as a lover of the Mane Coast, music and photography.

    Laughed when I saw the back of my head as I held the camera up to my eye, taking pictures :+)

    I did get some nice shots of The Mary Dav as we sailed around the harbor that day as well as those I took on board the Mary Day.

    Will make a disc for you and drop it off before the snow flies.

    Thanks again for your hospitality.

    Carole Lange Esley
    Camden, Maine

  2. Thanks for those good words, Barry. I have been viewing the footage of the songs we filmed on shipboard and it is fine and the whole spirit of the thing supports my notion that the MARY DAY as the right boat to sing aboard. Thanks for your generosity. Doug Day, director, SCMF

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