Summertime… and the living just is

Good morning everyone. I am writing to you this morning from Pretty Marsh, Maine, USA. Summertime weather is making a strong showing here on the Maine Coast. The temperatures are soaring into the 70s and cool afternoon sea breezes keep things mighty comfortable. This week we finally made it across the Bass Harbor Bar into the heart of Acadia National Park. Yesterday morning we sailed up into Somes Sound, the only fjord on the East coast of the United States. The pilot schooner Virginia was anchored up in Valley Cove and standing on the rail was former crew member Nate Killops. A light easterly wind carried us back into Blue Hill Bay and up to a secluded cove where we enjoyed a huge lobster feast and great swimming. The water temperature is really quite warm by any standard. Last night we were serenaded by the loons calling in the cove and the coyotes calling in the woods. The moon rise over Cadillac Mt just after 11 PM made the evening trip to the head a real treat.Days like these remind us to just relax and enjoy what is. As my favorite sailor hero Popeye always said… “I amsk what amsk.” Windjamming is what it is. And what it is is very, very good

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Morn'n Capt.,

    Bill Cavanagh here(Wooden Boat course), three hours out of Rockland having sailed overnight from Boston on a throughly modern sloop (wireless card in hand). I'm glad to be back in Maine and to have 11 days ahead of us to poke around some of the places you showed us and perhaps find a few on our own.

    We'll keep a lookout for the Mary Day and send you our best.


  2. More than very good, Windjammin is the best way to spend vacation time. I am counting the days. Please reserve a few sunny, breezy days for us. See you soon! Abrazos, Michele B. 🙂

  3. Hi capt! I am enjoying every piece of wrighting! Sounds like a lot great expieriances. But with how many crew members are you pulling this of? And do you have a group photo of the crew? I like to see you all. Tnxs for al the nice stories.


  4. Thanks to you – the crew, for everything you do…and to the awesome mess for keeping the good food rolling apace with the good times.

  5. I have had a good omen. When I turned to the new month in the calendar that hangs near me on the wall, I was struck with a sudden sense of famaliarity. I had been there before. The caption mentioned a certain island somewhere off the Maine coast. The picture showed a peaceful scene of a secluded cove, where I know from personal experience you can get a great view of the moonrise over Cadillac Mountain. See you soon, only a few weeks from now.

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