Schooner School

Good morning everyone. One piece of fitting-out a schooner that folks seldom see are all the trainings that we conduct with the crew. Learning to sail is actually quite easy but putting sailing into the context of becoming a crew member aboard a large sailing vessel is more complicated. We drill and we train and we study and we talk. We explore all the what ifs before they get here. Today I am off to fire fighting school to learn about pumping water. Seems like a pretty easy topic but when put into the context of a very expensive fire truck with more gauges than you can shake a stick at, well,it all requires great attention to detail. Today’s class is specifically about working with other fire trucks to move water great distances. Here in Maine most rural communities don’t have fire hydrants so we have to get creative, just like a schooner. We work with what we have at hand to do the best we can.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. Captain, when I first clicked on this blog and the picture came up a shock went through me. It looked like you were standing at the control panel of about a 24 cylinder Fairbanks Morse Marine diesel. No more worrying about lee shores, but how does the Mary Day handle on a full plane?
    Thanks for continuing to share with us.

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