Sanding topsides

Good morning everyone. Well as you can see the schooner is pointing the right direction now, headed out of the harbor. The shipyard emailed yesterday and indicated that we should plan on coming down to haul on the tide tomorrow. We started sanding the topsides yesterday and will spend all day today doing the same. We have a few more details to touch on today, get the radio on board, fill a few jugs of diesel , and launch our Avon inflatable “Rugby”. We got the anchor and chain aboard yesterday and hung the centerboard in its gear. Finally the crew had a chance to use their new rigging knives and marlin spikes. Now we got this sailor thing going on.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. Barry, Couldn’t help but notice the times that your blog is written. Is this just before you retire for the morning, or just as you wake up? Almost seems that you don’t have enough hours for everything. Whatever the case, Mary Day is looking fine. Enjoy seeing your progress.

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