Sailing Once Again

Good morning everyone. The roll of the vessel under foot once again
does feel good. We had a great Memorial Day Weekend shakedown
cruise. The weather was just fantastic and the guests were awesome.
We left the harbor with a stiff northwest wind that carried us across
to Merchant Row and our first lobster picnic of the season. A sunny
beach, a warm fire, and more than enough lobster finished out a
perfect first day. We all had big eyes as we short tacked Mary Day
up into the anchorage in Pulpit Harbor on Sunday. I wish I could
have been onshore watching. Camden was too close and Monday came too

Our turn around was quick as we greeted a school group from
Connecticut on Tuesday and off we sailed again in a stiff northwest
wind. The crew has been truly amazing teaching all day and standing
their watches by night. This is not the most relaxed way to start a
season and they deserve all the kudos for hustling and keeping their
young charges moving as well. Yesterday we sailed in a stiff
southwest wind that blew up to 30 knots as we short tacked through
the Merchant Row. With a deep reef in the main and just the staysail
and foresail the boat balanced beautifully. The kids steered us all
the way through the rock strewn waters with confidence and ease. The
boat actually sailed itself without a hand at the wheel for most of

So we are pleased with our start to the season. Jen and I are
thankful for a hard working and cheerful crew. We should have a few
days between cruises and the crew will get a well deserved break. 24
hours may not seem like much but it is an eternity when the bay and
islands are calling us to come sailing once again.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. For the first sail of the season and my first sail on a vessel this size it was fantastic. All I can say is GO GO GO. I was thrilled. Everything that could be done to make you comfortable will be done, without asking. Should you ask for anything be assured whatever can be done will be. This is a 1st class, no, world class, good time. Go Go Go

  2. Captains Jen and Barry,

    The start of the new season and your comments about the hard working crew inspired me to put together another video slideshow. I borrowed quite a few photos from the blog and added a few I have gathered over the last three years. I hope you enjoy “Working and Sailing the Mary Day”

    The video can also be seen on my web site in a somewhat larger format than the one on YouTube.

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