1. Thanks for sharing Captain. If you ever get tired of beautiful scenes in nature like Maine sunsets, or autumn in New England, it’s time to check your pulse! You would have to be dead to remain unmoved by all that beauty. Wish I could have been there to witness that spectacular sunset. Your photo is the next best thing. Abrazos, Mish

  2. When looking thru a box of “stuff” I came across a brochure of the Mary Day from sometime in the 1970’s. My husband and I took a cruise with Capt. Hawkins. I’m reminiscing and wondered if the Mary Day was still cruising and what had happened to the Hawkins family. I love the coast of Maine and have always wanted to travel back up to Camden.

  3. Hi Claire! Is there any chance we could get a copy of your 1970’s brochure. This being Mary Day’s 50th birthday we are trying to gather as many scraps of memorabilia as we can. And by the way, Mary Day is still going strong! You might be surprised to see her today still looking as beautiful as ever and sailing strong. Like a fine bottle of wine, she gets better with age!

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