Photographs from a Maine Windjammer

Good morning everyone. Mt heart is still flying from a fantastic week and I wanted to share a few of the photographs from this past week. As advertised, Maine photographer Neal Parent was aboard coaching our picture taking efforts. I think we fed off of each others energy. I for one really pushed my envelope. I kept my camera in manual mode all week meaning I had to think about aperture, speed and ISO settings with every shot. A very few of the results are here with photo credit given. There were tons of great pictures(286 in our Friday night slide show) and I just can’t put them all on so forgive me if you were on the cruise and don’t see one of you photos here. If you weren’t on the cruise I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful week filled with windjammers, Maine islands, great people, and very nice sailing.
Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Dear Barry, Jen, Sawyer,and Nadie,
    please accept my profound and heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your dear friend and our friend Mary. Mary left a wonderful mark on all of our souls and hearts and we will always remember her. Sincerely, Sandy Sievers

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