Passenger Poetry

My Tern Took a Turn for the Worse
By Flossie Pelitier
August 24, 2007

My dear Captain’s Barry and Jen,
I simply cannot think of when
I have had such a time
On a schooner so fine,
And I do hope we’ll join you again.

You said we could work if we choose
And cautioned against too much booze
So I chose not to work
Sail furling did shirk,
But drank no rum on this cruise.

Climbed out of my bunk on day one
And said, “Golly gee! This is fun!”
So I carved out a bird,
With hardly a word.
And thought that I soon would be done.

Now this Cap’n, he keeps a clean ship.
And my t’shirt was covered with chips.
So I ran to the side
Shaking chips to the tide
Gave my t’shirt one generous flip!

Twas then, to my total dismay,
Saw my thumb guard go blowing away.
I know I was done,
With carving for fun,
So I got out my paints for the day.

Still eager to work on my gull,
When the ship dropped her anchor, a lull.
On Day two I hacked,
At the head and the back,
But it seems now my knife was too dull.

Now the gull looked quite like a duck
Thought it seems that I still was in luck
So I carved her down small
Re-shaped wings, and all
But then on Day three ran amok.

That day while I carved out the bill
We were jibing our way through the swell
We were coming about,
When I snipped off her snout
So I whittled her down smaller still.

Day four I was sanding her sleek,
Still trying to fix up the beak.
The weather snapped cold,
I became bold,
And to my fellow shipmates, did speak.

“I see starboard head is quite warm,
cause Mary still cooks in a storm.
On the wall in that head
Is a bird chart, “ I said.
“That shows me the shape I must form.”

“So if you have need in the night
and see through the window a light
Just knock once or twice
And I’ll exit so nice,
Cause to sleep there would not be polite.”

On day five in a 20 knot wind
I thought I would try once again.
In the cabin below
As we rocked to and fro
My little gull got very thin.

A hummingbird, I think is nice
Lady bugs crossed my mind, once or twice.
If there’s a chip’s in the bed
Tell the next quests I said,
“My bird carving turned into mice!”

This entry is from all the passengers
August 19th, 6 day cruise

Nary a day goes by
When the crew hasn’t done more than try
To bring us to tranquil blue skies
And a view of life on the ocean blue tide.

By the light of the silvery moon
Barry and Jake carried a seaworthy tune.

Dove and Jessica had special talents
Barry said he would try his best.

Puffins, whales, and seals, oh my!
And then the next day- man did we fly!

Pat and Ron were scared of the head,
The cabin, their packing, were they in over their heads?
Not to fear, not to fuss – they both pulled through by a hero named Gus!

Flossie and Roger painting all we explored.
Both exclaimed, “Let’s go see the fjord!”

Sandy and Fred were inspired
As they found all the birds they desired.
Puffins, eagles and osprey abound
Which both were thrilled that they found.

Mary does wonders on her stove fueled by wood
We all exclaim, “Jeepers! That was WHICKED good!”

Gertie and David are very KUHL
Buzz wanting to know what we all learned in school.
Gertie playing spell check by her hubby’s side
“Thank you my dear,” he tells his beautiful bride.

Fifty-five years Fred and Fay have been married.
Watch out below! Fay refuses to be carried!
Squeek! Squeek! Squeek! We all know that’s Fay!
Fred follows behind, admiring the bay.

Tom and Susan have made this trip number 19!
With all the knowledge we needed to know
They were a strong part of the team.

Judy and Joyce, our quiet nurses on board
They left their guys safely at home
While these wives go off on the Mary Day
Free to explore and roam!

Earl and Carol were watchful of all passengers aboard
We put on quite a show especially when moored!

David, with his Jean, was lost in Harry Potter
If Jean had gone overboard, we surely would have caught her.

Walther and Beth came along to sail away.
Both being judges of that sweet maple treat.
They both can hoist the sails,
Which was quite the mighty feat.

Dan polished the deck, oh my how it shined!
The moon glistened off than oh how he pined.
He inspired us all as he dove off the deck,
Then Jessica said, “Oh what the heck!”

John and Jessica the honeymooners of the bunch
We can only hope they come up for lunch!

Walther with his handlebar mustache and camera in hand.
Elaine shouts, “Get a shot of that land!”
With six rolls of film that sure beats the band
Almost forty years married and happy in hand.

Dove tucked away in her little mouse hole
Pigeon she was called by David or Ira
Whatever name he holds!
She knew when the coffee was up at seven
That Bailey’s is out- oh good heaven!

Good golly miss molly
Ollie and her maps!
Pulling down all the flags
While Dove tried to play taps
Checking with the skipper as he changed all his hats
On her night watch, guarding all
Even Gussie the cat!

Hannah and Jennie, last but not least,
One helps Mary keep us well fed
The other keeps that mast
All slick and greased!

Barry and Jen have shown us a WHICKED good time,
We would all come again even to pull that line!