Good morning everyone. We have another snowstorm on the way for this afternoon and tonight. They say there is another storm on the way for Sunday as well. Today we will focus our efforts here at the global headquarters. Like squirrels gathering nuts we will be busy, busy. We will be shifting projects, small boats, blocks, and davits, indoors and out

Yesterday was sunny and we were able to put the paint and varnish to a number of items aboard. The crew did a great job painting window frames and hatch combings. Mary’s touch with the varnish brush added to the sparkle. Jen and Mary will be varnishing the main cabin sole today.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. Captain Barry, is looks like everything that can be painted is getting a new coat. Is that the normal routine every year, or does it just happen that this year everything came up for it’s turn?

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