Paint Crazy

Good morning everyone. The last 24 hours have been fast and furious. We gave the crew a day off yesterday so Jen and I could take the opportunity to scrape and sand the decks. We are half way there and will finish today, we hope. It is just beautiful. The cover comes off Monday, we guess. We were up late last nite putting a new plank in the yawl which will be launched on Sunday, we pray. Jen spent last nite varnishing and painting Rosey, one of our row boats. She is good…. but most of you know that already.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. We are sorry we missed your birthday. But you are still younger than Pat and myself. We did enjoy your glasses. Pat and I (and our son, Tom) are looking forward to once again sailing with you on the Mary Day on the September 3rd lighthouse cruise. We, also, look forward to enjoying Mary’s cooking.

    Les Hall

  2. The deck looks great where it was scrapped and sanded. From the photo it is hard to tell but I don’t think you were using holystones and sand. By any chance was electricity employed rather than a crew of men pressed from the gaols of Knox County? 😉 Ed

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