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Good morning everyone, We are anchored up here in Mackerel Cove,
Swan's I for the first time this year. We arrived to see the "Earl
of Swan's" standing on his porch waving. I had sent him a packet
this winter and never heard back so I was a little nervous about the
possibilities. Just 26 days shy of his 91st birthday I don't believe
Earl plans very far ahead. He was quite pleased to see us and
granted his permission to let us anchor in his sunset view. He sent
a very full bouquet of lilacs back for Mary. Guests that visited
Earl with me found him as charming as could be and left him with big
hugs from the ladies. Earl just grinned.

So this is a lighthouse cruise short though it may be. With a toad
soaker of a forecast for Wednesday we were very surprised to see the
wall of rain pass north and south but leave us largely alone until
the days end. With the wind easterly all this time we have been
hard pressed to see too many lighthouses. Curtis, Eagle, Pumpkin,
Blue Hill and a distant glimpse of Bass Harbor Head are all that we
have noted. Tomorrow we will set out in earnest to bag a whole bunch
more. Seems as though the wind has had other plans for us. I used
to fight the wind more than I do these days. It is sometimes
difficult for this captain to appreciate the mystery. I can only say
that we are delivering exactly what we advertised…"see lighthouses
from the decks of a traditional schooner just as they would have many
years ago". Well the wind was no more or less "cooperative" then
than it is now.

Yesterday was also a big day as we made our first transit under the
Deer Isle bridge and the crew was some impressive. We cleared with
inches to spare on the top of a spring tide. Molly and Rob rode the
mastheads. A big cheer for the crew. Sara says.. hey Mama! She is
doing a great job as chief mate.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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