Oh Captain, Oh Captain, Please Don’t Rumba!

Good morning everyone. Another 6” of snow fell this weekend and we took a few hours to enjoy the wonders of winter here in New England skiing in the woods. The full Wolf Moon on Saturday causing astronomical high tides plus a 1’ tidal surge brought by the low pressure system meant we had tides over the bulkhead in Camden. At low tide just the opposite happens and the tides dip well below normal. I was able to step to the docks from the beach and get aboard the schooner on Friday after work and all was well.

I had an interesting email this morning from a wonderful gentleman looking for a vacation to replace a now defunct “windjammer” sailing experience that formerly sailed in the Caribbean. He sent us a very humorous swashbuckling note, complete with colorful pirate party images, wondering if we might be able to fill the void, complete with canons and limbo parties and would the captain be leading the rumba line? I regretted to tell him that we probably did not offer the booty he was looking for. When I think of images to share with folks about our windjammer sailing experience they actually include sails, and lots of them. Now I will tell you, as I told him, the show here is not the captain. That’s for sure! When I lead the rumba line most folks think I have a seizure disorder. The Maine coast and the sailing are the show and I do my best to get out of the way and let folks relax as they see fit. I enjoy seeing folks reconnect with nature and with friends, new and old, while watching some of the most spectacular scenery in the world pass by. I really have to thank my swashbuckling friend for his thought provoking email because he reminded of what makes a Maine windjammer experience so different and so unique. 131 days until we sail… not that we are counting.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Arrrgh cap’n! Don’t forget all that gooood cookin’. Maybe if our southern friend reads the blog, he will decide to try it.

  2. Isn’t a Rumba a little round vacuum cleaner that goes under the bed and chases dust bunnies? LOL

    My co-workers are looking at me like I’m crazy, because I’m reading your blog and laughing out loud. Thanks for bringing a bit of mirth to my afternoon break.

    Here in Manchester, we were clobbered with more than 9 inches of the white stuff, followed by very cold weather.

    Here at work, we are gearing up for end of year, which means long days that begin before 8 and end ????

    I close my eyes and dream that I am sailing on the beautiful Mary Day. Ahhhhhhhh! Smile 🙂

  3. Cap-

    Perhaps for the next schooner rendezvous at Rockland harbor you can lead a conga line of traditional schooners all sailing wing and wing while unleashing broadsides upon the unsuspecting public lining the breakwater.

    From the tee-shirt you are wearing in the photo accompanying today’s blog one might assume you have experience dancing with a fine looking woman in the moonlight!

  4. OK, folks… I have been silent up to this point but my New Years resolution is to fire back in the comments section so be careful and please don’t ask too many difficult questions. Remember, simple questions for simple minds (mine that is)!

    So Michelle… what about my rumba capabilities is so funny??? Did you know that Jen took Salsa dancing classes last fall? She tried to teach me a little but very little is what I actually learned. I just don’t have that vibrant Latino spirit. Ed, the t-shirt is from the yacht Luna Dans which our former crew member Ali worked aboard. I am glad you noticed the subtler points of the photograph. Nothing slips by you. And Dan… hail Mary!

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments.


  5. Barry,

    As a former student at the famed Fred Astaire dance studio in Hoover, Alabama, and former waltz and foxtrot Alabama state champion (over 40) I am not one to criticize anyone’s dancing. I do, however, have a vision of people in Maine doing Latin dances. It’s just that I can’t quite get out of my head the image of Mainers, fresh from the moose hunt, in their flannel shirts and lined Carhartts over long johns shod in LL Bean boots dancing the rumba. The idea of a lobster fisherman getting the Latin hip movements right while wearing oilskins is just too much for my meager imagination.

    Great fun though.

  6. As a Latina who has dancing in my blood, I can tell you that Ed’s vision of latin-dancing Maniacs is a funny one indeed!

    However, I love the idea of a conga-line of schooners!

    My dear captain, maybe you should first take some salsa lessons from your wife before you try leading the Rumba line.

    It is not unheard of to have dancing on board a windjammer. Check out the book, Old Zeb. However, taking into consideration the age of some of our Mary Daytrippers, I would suggest you have a chiropractor on board. 🙂


  7. We have in fact had many dances aboard Mary Day though more in the distant past than the recent past. I have personally called a line dance to the tune of “Oh Johnny Oh” on the quarterdeck and have seen numerous folks waltz and step dance to Mary’s accordion tunes. I have been told that Havilah “Buds” Hawkins, the schooner’s designer and first captain (for 20 years) actually designed the quarterdeck space between the wheel and the cabin so there would be room for a square dance (tight but very romantic). The folding leaves on the main cabin tables were designed to allow several couples to waltz below decks. So Ed I don’t know how to foxtrot but Jen wants lessons next time your here. Should that be main cabin or quarterdeck? By the way when I talk about Jen’s salsa lessons you need to think older clean shaven men with wire rimmed glasses wearing navy blue nylon slacks with a powder blue shirt buttoned right up to the collar, more like your dentist than the woodsy stereotypes that many of us here perpetuate because it keeps us warmer and for many other reasons we don’t even understand. Plaid wool is very cool in a GQ kinda way!

    (Jen made me sign this one)

  8. Hey Barry,

    My cabin-mate, Anne Wood and I have a message for that man who sent you the email.

    Why don’t you reply again and tell him that we will CHALLENGE him to come on the wooden boat cruise in September?

    We will show him what a REAL cruise in MAINE is like..complete with a steel band that he can dance to !!!

    We can all don our Mary Day T-shirts, and boogie to the music, showing the other ships just what talented dancers we all are!

    We’ll even let you lead the conga line around the tables. However, you must first provide us with a certificate verifying that you have completed the Latin and Salsa dancing course offered by Jennifer Martin’s school of dance. 🙂 LOL

    Hugs to all. Bailando, siempre bailando!

  9. Barry, don’t forget the time that the passengers did the Lobsta Macarena for the talent show during Windjammer Days. Latin dancing in Maine, indeed. And the practice was on deck before the show.

  10. Lobsta Macarena! What an idea! What have I been missing!? Maybe this could be a regular at the picnic on the beach!

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