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Good morning everyone. Well I may not be good about writing blogs regularly these days but at least I am slow. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you folks but my life has been a bit like a runaway train these last few weeks. The train has slowed temporarily. We are out on our annual naturalist/photography cruise this week with and naturalist Eric Snyder. We sailed out to Seal I on Monday to see the plentiful pelagic birds nesting there; puffins, auks, murres and even what we are fairly certain was a Manx shearwater. Eric and I both did a big double take when we saw that fly by. By some stroke of luck we anchored here at Lunt Harbor, Frenchboro, Long Island yesterday afternoon. We will most definitely get to shore to visit the boulder beaches and remember what it is like to see the bay from the land.
If you haven’t made your reservations yet there are still a few empty bunks this summer. We just had a cabin open up for the Great Schooner Race. Yes, that is next week. I know this is short notice but if you don’t think too long and hard about it you might just find yourself witnessing one of the greatest spectacles since they put a man on the moon and have a great time to boot. Oh yeah, and did you receive the latest installment of our e-newsletter? The puffin shot in the header is mine. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. We are long time reservation-holders for The Great Schooner Race and have enjoyed the event many times previously. One year the race was deferred for gale winds. Another year in fog we could not see the other participants but Mary Day won in her class anyway Other old repeat salts will be aboard next week, we hear – even a 50th wedding anniversary (not ours). It will be a great sail. You read it here! –Peggy

  2. Great pics, captain. Thanks for thinking of poor sods like us stuck here on dry land and wishing we were sailing on the beautiful Mary Day. It's nice that you are finally slowing down a bit. I would love to be there. I've never seen a Puffin in person, or puff-son. They look so cute! Happy sailing. 🙂 Abrazos

  3. Let me amend my earlier comment. The picture in "Scuttlebutt from the Schooner Mary" was the perfect portrait of the plentiful proud pelagic puffin. There, say that fast.

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