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Good morning everyone. Looks like we are through the worst of the weather from this last storm. The fire department went to pump what we hope was the last basement yesterday afternoon although a small stream still runs through our own underpinnings. I swear I saw a trout sitting in a small pool down there. Yesterday I spied my first killdeer and bluebird of the season so they must think the coast is clear. We have also had more than our fair share of deer in the field at odd times of the day, driven there by hunger more than a desire to be seen.

And speaking of hungry…. We are starving to get some paint on the schooner. The forecast for the next few days looks amazing. I told the crew not to plan on any time off until the next rainy day. Yesterday Mary and Becki painted Rosey and did a marvelous job. Painting between all those frames takes forever and I give them both high marks for patience. And that is why the crew rarely let me get a paint brush in my hand. I like to paint with a push broom. I just don’t have that Zen thing going for me this time of year.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. And if you are from New England, bask in the sunshine.

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  1. Ah…I think that the cousin of that trout was in our cellar when we returned from Maine on Tuesday! We were to spend Sunday and Monday in Camden, after being in Freeport area Sat and Sun. Well, the nor’easter made it further than we did. While hunkering down in our hotel room, we thought frequently about the Mary Day…and are quite relieved to learn she fared well.

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