More Cool Lighthouses

Good morning everyone. We sailed off the anchor yesterday morning after breakfast and enjoyed a light onshore breeze all day long. Once again sunny skies were the rule. Eider ducks are everywhere. I love seeing the males skittering across the water as we approach the ledges.We sailed through the dozens of islands in Merchant Row and ran down the East Bay passing very close to the Deer Isle Light, Eagle I Light and Dice Head at Castine. We had a distant glimpse of Pumpkin I light which marks the west entrance of the Eggemmoggin Reach. We finished our day with walks ashore at Fort Point State Park. Ranger Terry Cole welcomed guests with tours of the tower and the original 4th order fresnel lens. How cool is that!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Your current trip has me longing for my turn. I did not need anything else to remind me of how much I'm looking forward to Independence Day.

    Sailing off the anchor is always preferred. The ideal trip for me would have Arno only in the water going out of and into Camden harbor and perhaps for some trips ashore but never needed to push the schooner. On my ideal sail the wind and the tides would provide all the motive power we need.

    Fair Winds – Ed

  2. I really like the third picture. The white of the mainsheet (looks like a new one)against the off white of the rocks, and the clean white of the boom end with the white shading on the light house, an almost perfect blue sky, and then the green of the trees. Great shot.

  3. We have been reviewing the sensory delights that flood our memory from the last four days. What a sail! Perhaps routine for you and the crew, but we feel truly blessed to have experienced it. Thank you for sharing your patient knowledge with all and letting me try my hand at the wheel.

    Regards, Joshua & Kristin

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