Memorial Day

Good morning everyone. We have enjoyed two great days of sailing.
Saturday's sail was highlighted by one long tack up the bay.
Yesterday we enjoyed numerous tacks and a "man overboard" drill. The
crew did well and recovered the "victim" fender in jig time. Heaving
to (stopping forward progress) under sail is accomplished by backing
the headsails and easing the foresheet. I am delighted to see how
well the schooner is sailing. We have passed 9 knots on both days
beating to weather. And that ain't half bad.

We managed to get Mary and her friend Hank, an amazing fiddler, to
play some tunes for us Saturday night. Sawyer loves to hear the old
time fiddle tunes. His favorite is "Smash the Windows", perhaps more
for the title than the tune. My poor guitar is coming apart after
the long dry winter so I will need to get it in for repairs this next
week but I managed to follow along just the same.

Last night we feasted together on an old-fashioned turkey dinner.
The conversation was as warm as the candlelight. Great to see people
from all over the world enjoying each other. We had a couple from
Australia, two friends from Greece, a young woman from Canada, and
the usual amazing assortment of people from all over this beautiful
country. We had several couples celebrating anniversaries with us,
which we celebrated with one of Mary's delicious chocolate cakes,
home made ice cream on top. How sweet it is.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. Such a pretty flag America has, this one really deserves one’s attention!

    Our fallen brothers and sisters would be proud.

    Remember your memorials.

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