Lobster Cove

Good morning everyone. We have another beautiful morning here at
anchor in "Lobster Cove". I will keep its identity a secret but
suffice it to say the beach is long and sandy. After our picnic last
night we witnessed a beautiful moonrise over the bold cliffs of
Cadillac Mt. The Loons were calling at sunrise. I am heartened to
find a lonely place like this and having it all to ourselves
especially when we are so close to one of the most heavily visited
national parks around. I went ashore for a walk in the woods this
morning. Old spruce trees with branches bare and twisted in the shade
were underlain by a carpet of ferns and moss.

Around the corner is a small cove with a few moorings placed here for
cruisers by the family that owns the island. It is a very popular
place for one or two boats to lie in "God's pocket". This year the
family placed a third mooring with big bold letters identifying the
owners with "PRIVATE" stenciled right on there. A boat from
Connecticut came in after the two guest moorings were filled and
grabbed right onto it. I wanted to ask if they were the islands
privates. Seems like a good question given what it would take to pick
up this mooring if it weren't yours. I eyed that anchorage longingly
as we were readying to drop sails for the evening but left it for
those who have long forgotten how to anchor. If you detect a sense
of anger at the whole thing you are right. I am saddened to find
that each year there are a couple more moorings where there weren't
any before. I love this place. It is sacred and I am more offended
by new moorings than I am new docks. Please forgive my little rant
here. I don't mean to bring down the joy of the day. Change is
never easy for any of us especially so close to home.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.