Lighthouse Report

Good morning everyone. Another great day of sailing. What can I
say… it is all good!

Starting out from Fort Point at 1100 and beating upwind to Camden can
make for a really long day. We were very lucky to catch a little bit
of an easterly slant on the wind and managed to get up the West Bay
(that is the part of the bay just west of Islesboro) in jig time.
The wind came up to 15 -18 knots just as we were conducting a "man
overboard" drill. The crew scrambled to take in the jib topsail in
the building breeze and the schooner was hove to like a champ. The
yawl boat Arno is our rescue craft and Becki and Sara were off to
save the victim fender once again. Sara even provided CPR on the
return trip. The boat was hauled clear of the water and away we
sailed with darkening clouds in the western sky. The radio crackled
with warnings from the National Weather Service about severe
thunderstorms. I hate thunderstorms. Talk about a sitting duck.
Our radar picked up some light rain; nothing too crazy but I wanted
to get to a nearby secure anchorage just in case.

We sailed right up to the anchor in Gilkeys Harbor just as the rains
became more serious. Awnings up, we retired to the main cabin for
Ted's slide show about lighthouses. A roast pork dinner with all the
trimmings and hand cranked ice cream for dessert. Does it get any
better? Actually yes, Our assistant cook Jake pulled out his dobro
guitar and played some very good music. Now that is a windjammer
cruise…. good people, good food, good sailing, good music. Last
night we had a spectacular light show as lightning flashed in the
clouds all around us.

To complete our adventure we have a light fog and an easterly wind
this morning to sail home in. We call it atmosphere. How romantic.
And with any luck we will find the bell off of the Curtis Island
Light and be safe in the harbor by noon.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. The Light House cruise was full of fun, laughter, great food, good sailing and convivial fellow guests. Barry, Jen and crew did a masterful job of making our four days truly GRAND. This is a great themed cruise-sign up.


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