Leaving the Nest

Good morning everyone. We just finished another wonderful week. The combination of natural history and photography is just great. I was amazed to see all the photos everyone had taken during the week. To see the coast from such diverse perspectives is inspiring. Sailing with our Audubon naturalists Erika and Ethan and photographer Jim Dugan is such a joy. They ply their craft with skill and passion. Jim will post some of his photos.

This was a fairly amazing week all around. Lots of laughter, some very exciting sailing and lots of it, and beautiful weather despite the doom and gloom forecasts. While all of that was very heartening I was touched by the sight of a fledgling leaving the nest for his first solo flight. After a couple trips together Sawyer sailed off while we were anchored in Pulpit Harbor Friday evening. I was excited for him and remembered my first solo trips and how liberating they were. He got a little spook on one jibe when the rail dipped down. Nature commanded his respect from the start. But now he is now free to roam the oceans and I am certain he will learn just how big and beautiful the world can be.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. What a great day! Both Mom and Dad must be so proud of the fledgling. It seems only yesterday that we saw him three days old. All our best to all of you.

    Bob & Sue Kellogg

  2. The ‘leaving the nest’ move may well only be a gambit, a test, to see if and how Mom and Dad react. Though they speak and act as if they want to get out from under Dear Ol’s and Good Ol’s roof to do their own things (to exercise the wings), they in fact much prefer sticking around, whether by their physical presence or only by countless calls: “Hey Dad/Mom, do you have a …hammer, book, recipe, day to help me with… I can borrow?” (which have the effect of watering the roots). Either way, they never really leave, especially when the Captains have set them off on the right course, have taught them the laws and lore of the seas of life, and encouraged them to steer by the stars in the heavens. Endless great sailing.

  3. I remember my first solo, did all right the first day, was a small version of a Lightning. Got a little too sure of my self the second day, (hey this sailing stuff is easy), yep, dumped it with all watching from shore, was about 10 or 11.
    We got it back to shore, I had to bail the thing out, they wouldn’t let me tip it out, took the rest of the day. Got a little more respectful of the wind that day.

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