Island Getaway

Good Morning Everyone. A cool blustery morning here with an inch of fresh snow on the ground. We had a great trip out to Islesboro yesterday to visit with friends. The ferry trip is always fun and to feel the vessel roll on the light swell was music to my bone marrow. I suspect the ferry employees thought we were just a few french fries short of a happy meal as we were the only people standing outside on the observation deck taking photos and basking in the beauty of the day. They kept looking out from the warmth of the pilot house, scratching their heads and wondering who let the wacko family aboard. The Camden Hills covered with snow, Grindle Point Light, long tail, golden eye, and bufflehead ducks, a loon fishing for crabs, and a walk in the spruce woods overlooking East Penobscot Bay were all a joy to see, smell, and feel. One lone fishing boat was out hauling crab traps which is the only winter fishery I know of up in this part of the bay and only a few folks do that. We can’t wait to go sailing!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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  1. “the light swell was music to my bone marrow”

    Reading the daily blog is the same to my homesick soul. I sit here with my Mary Day mug, a cup of crank (well, prank crank)…and get a daily dose of paradise. Home may be legally listed elsewhere…but the soul knows where it belongs.

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