Ice Flows

Good morning everyone. A mid-winter thaw has come to Camden, Maine. The temperatures have been up in the 30s for the last week. We even had rain last Thursday. I for one am not ready to see the snow go away. The bees in our field have been taking advantage of the warm weather to clean house. Bee scat and bee carcasses stain the snow all around the hives. This last week I have been working in the barn repairing hatches and skylight screens. My dear friend Bruce is a master machinist and has been helping set up a small lathe that I found on the side of the road. With any luck and a lot of patience on Bruce‚Äôs part I am looking forward to machining new bearings for some of the blocks and might even try my hand at making a marlinspike. To see what Bruce can do with a spinning piece of metal is pretty darn cool. Like any master, he just has a way with his medium that is inspirational. If you don’t believe me try it yourself.
The ice during this warm weather has finally begun breaking up around the schooners at the head of the harbor. Every day the ice flows look different, growing at night and shrinking by day. Nature‚Äôs art is magnificent but recently some ice sculptors performed their magic in the amphitheater overlooking the harbor. And again, masters at work can create something inspirational. I was delighted to see universal consciousness at work. While I was home thinking about the potential in the ice both Jen and Jim Dugan thought to take pictures before nature reshaped its own art work. Jen was there the day before Jim and the light wasn’t nearly as good despite the similarities in composition. Jim nailed it once again.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by Jim Dugan demonstrating how a master’s eye for light and composition can make all the difference in the world.


  1. I was happy to read that the bees are alive and well and busy doing their spring cleaning. That means we can look forward to more of their delicious honey being sold at the kids boutique. I love that honey. It’s delicious! I also love the hand salve that I buy every year. I wonder what other nice items the “kinglets” will be selling onboard this year? Hugs to all.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Just you wait and see what Jen and the kids have been up to this winter. It is absolutely beautiful and I will blog on it as soon as there are a few more pieces to display. I am blown away by what they are creating… but I am biased. I will let you judge for yourself. Be patient… all will be revealed in good time.

    Be well. Good good. Have fun in the snow tomorrow. Nighty night!


  3. I just hope there are enough things left by the end of the season. One problem with taking the late sails is that supplies at the Boatique are limited. 🙁

    I can’t wait to see what they are creating. A few years ago, they were selling beautiful earrings. I bought two pairs to give as Christmas gifts and could kick myself for not getting a pair for myself. These were original works of art!

    Will you be selling the candles? I just ran out, and I really liked them, especially the Lavender one.

    Looking forward to some great sailing and shopping this year.

  4. Ed the word guy here – Ice Flows or Ice Floes? When the ice floe flows out with the currents the floes flow slow.

    ‚ÄÇ ‚ÄÇ
    1. Also called ice floe. a sheet of floating ice, chiefly on the surface of the sea, smaller than an ice field.
    2. a detached floating portion of such a sheet.

  5. Once again Ed, you have hit the nail on the head. I was wondering if anyone saw my choice of words for what they were. Ice in the strictest sense does not flow. It is frozen. And when I was a kid I used to float around the harbor on ice floes. (No one ever accused me of being smart!) My choice of words in this blog was quite purposeful. The ice in the harbor changes everyday. It gets thinner and thicker, solid and broken and yes does flow in a sense on the current generated by the waterfall out of the inner harbor. So when I used the word “flow” in this blog I was really marveling at how the ice changes so dramatically. Even the ice carvings in the park are much different than when they started.

    So Ed, thank you for keeping me honest and looking for the deeper meaning in what this blog is about. There is much more going on in my small mind than I ever let on. It really is easier on everyone concerned if I keep it that way. I suspect Ed that you also see the world on so many different levels and that is the joy of this world of windjammers. I meet so many cool folks each summer that all have a different take on reality. As you know from photography, 10 people can take a picture of the same flower and come up with something different. And we wonder why 10 people can sit in the same meeting and come away with 10 different interpretations of what was said. Which makes me think that the chairman of board doesn’t run the company. The person taking the meeting’s minutes does! And on that note I will go back to sitting on my hands so that I can’t do any more damage to the internet.

    Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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