1. How much would the cost be to buy a boiler like this? I have one that is similar that we inherited from my father in law that we would like to sale but we don’t know what it is worth. Can you help with this?

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      I have been thinking about your question and here is what I come up with. We found this boiler in the woods so our cost was nil. Most folks boiling sap at home use a propane burner or some kind of a cinder block affair. That I use a boiler is only a function of Yankee thrift and our ability to weld a custom stainless steel pan to fit the existing hole in the boiler. If it helps, scrap steel is worth up to $200/ton which would put your boiler somewhere in the neighborhood of $10. Of course you could list it for sale somewhere at $100 and see what happens. Like beauty in the eye of the beholder, utility (in this case) will be in the mind of the right buyer with a creative idea.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.


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