Heartbreak Hill

maine windjammer Mary DayGood morning everyone. The Boston marathon has one famous hill that seems to challenge runners the most, Heartbreak Hill. Odd thing is Heartbreak Hill is only 4/10s of a mile long and only gains about 88 feet in elevation. As pure numbers this famous hill isn’t all that big. The challenge of Heartbreak Hill lies in where it is encountered in the course. By the time runners get to the bottom of the hill they are facing “the wall”. Muscle energy is at a minimum and runners “hit the wall.”
Maine windjammer cruises vacations Mary Day
Fitting out a schooner is not all that different. With 14 days before we board guests we are challenged with the same wall. It is sometime difficult to see the finish line from where we are. It may even feel like an uphill climb. But a “second wind” is a wonderful energizer to see us through to the finish.
cool summer jobs aboard the maine windjammer mary day
Sailing early has its rewards but free time is not one of them. I can “taste” the bay. We will be one of the few sailing vessels out there and the spring wildlife always makes my heart stir. Winter ducks like the pintail (old squaw) ducks are still in the outer harbor. With just a few more days of painting the hull in front of us we will then turn to sprucing up the accommodations. By next weekend cabins will be made, small boats launched, and we will be bending on sail. It will all be a blur but with the amazing people we have working with us I have no doubts that we will be ready on time.
Here are a few shots from our latest haul out at the ship yard.

Have a great day. Be well Do good.

cool summer jobs, a happy crew aboard Mary Day

Jim and Nadie pushing seam cement into the bottom of Mary Day and still smiling!


  1. I can only imagine how much work and effort it takes to make the beautiful Mary Day ready for her seasonal debut. We frequent sailors are well aware that this is a labor of love, and we are grateful. Sailing with you and your crew on this beautiful ship is an awesome experience. You are the reason why we come back every year and why we dream of sailing on the Mary Day during the rest of the year. Kudos to all of you for your hard work and dedication. Abrazos, Mish

  2. Thanks Michelle! Mary Day looks so good and this time of year is never long enough for me to do everything I want. It ain’t much but I think you will appreciate the new6 person hot tub in your cabin as well as the cabana boys to tend to your every whim while on deck. We also found a quieter blender for the strawberries daiquiris.

    So I am just kidding as usual. Getting away from all the trappings of life ashore is what this is all about. Besides… who would ever want to sit on deck with cabana boys misting you and waving palm fronds and peeling grapes for you? Unless his name is Neal of course. Shhhh… don’t tell Jen I asked but is there such a thing as a cabana girl? I am not asking for myself, mind you, but I have this friend…..

    1. Dear Captain, You are right, of course. We want to get away from all the frivolous, unecessary trappings of modern-day life. Otherwise, we’d take a cruise on one of those humungous ocean liners. Yuck! I’m happy with our cabana boy, Neal and his buddies, the Feurks. As for a cabana girl, I have just the one for you. Her name is Anne Wood 😉 Abrazos, Mish

  3. Reading the blogs and the hard work that goes into prepping the Mary day for the season makes getting ready exciting for my first venture on a schooner ever even better. The Mary day website is one of the best out of all the Maine schooner excursions. It is detailed an the video makes you feel like your there. I look forward to coming aboard for the june lighthouse cruise. ….PS-Do you really have a Blender aboard ???

    1. No blender, no contraptions. But if you behave, you may get to crank the ice cream maker. Yum! 🙂

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