Hard At It

Good morning everyone. We ll we have been hard at it this last week as temperatures continue to be above normal for this time of year. The bay is about 5 degrees warmer than usual so there is hope that we will get some of you reluctant swimmers into the elixir of youth yet.

Colby pup has been making her first visits to the schooner and has taken to swabbing the decks. If only she could get her paws around the handle.

The new crew have painted the bulwarks and rail clamp and are busy with sanding the cabin houses. They are a wonderful team… cheerful, hard working, and attentive to details. We are blessed!

Back at the global headquarters Bruce and I have started in on a top secret project that will be revealed in time. Let’s just say it is bigger than a bread box and requires an extension on the barn to complete. We haven’t figured out how to move it to Camden yet but let’s not get caught up on the trivial details. The point is we are using great power tools and listening to country music. What could be better?

Have great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. I know what it is…… Its a 28 person kayak! Just great for passanger transport– it will save on Arno's diesel fuel bill.

    As far as transporting it, if it won't fit on one trailer (too big or heavy) try two trailers, one having a turntable so it will go around corners. No one says you have to go fast.

    Have a great day.

    Please keep us posted.

  2. If it is going to Camden then I would think it would be for the "Mary Day". I can think of only one thing that the "Mary Day" might need that is that size, however, I will withhold further speculation until such time as all is revealed.

  3. Based on the cubic feet of the object, its length and width plus the proposed addition my guess would be a portable wind tunnel to compensate for those rare days of calm! Hang it off the stern, fire it up and whoosh! How about a contest? Best guess wins free passage on all sailing trips in February?


  4. I don't know what Barry and Bruce are building but I have an idea that will make the Mary Day the "greenest" schooner in the fleet.

    Solar powered wind. A simple set of rotors mounted at the stern. The rotors covered with photovoltaic arrays providing the electric current to operate a DC motor. The down-draft produced by the rotors will be ducted toward the sails providing the wind needed to maneuver. The ample Maine sun should provide all the power necessary allowing Arno to be retired. When the natural wind is blowing the photo-cells can be used to power the on-board wi-fi with high speed broadband internet access. When the sun shines and the wind blows all day the crew can allow women passengers to plug in their hair dryers based upon a schedule designed to maximize the sun's potential energy.

    Barry – You might want to check with Alabama Al to see if my ideas hold water. You know I no longer have the status of operating the electric grid here in the sunny south.

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