Happy Birthday!

Good Friday Afternoon!

It’s been a great week on the bay, lots to tell and lots to show. We’ll try to catch up this weekend with a blog. But this day is a special one we can’t let slip by, for one person we owe a hugh “Thanks” to….Curtis’ wife, Peggy. Thanks Peggy for letting Curtis join our crew. He’s doing great, mighty tired, and still smiling. Everyone here at the Mary Day loves him and hope YOU have a wonderful day on your birthday!


  1. Your Welcome form the person who held the H and D -Curtis say’s he writes you everyday!

  2. I’m holding the R and the T in birthday — I’m hiding behind the R! I sent along the link to my pictures to most of you, but thought I would follow Ed and Susan’s example, and post them here as well.

    I had a wonderful time as always on the Mary Day, and it was terrific meeting all of you! Here’s the link to my photos posted on Flicr:


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