Happy Birthday Mary Day

Good morning everyone. Another year has passed and this week we celebrate the anniversary of the launching of Mary Day 48 years ago. Who would have thought that the first schooner ever launched as a windjammer would still be here almost 50 years later. She is blessed and so are all the guests who have had a chance to share this experience and keep Mary Day and all of the windjammers here in Maine alive. The days of working commercial sailing vessels paying their own way in the world are no over yet! As much as anything the launching of Mary Day revived the notion that large sailing vessels could still, after a 38 year hiatus, be built here on the Maine coast. Thanks to all of you out there who have sailed or ever dreamed of sailing aboard a Maine windjammer. As you can see from these photos dating back to 1977 not a whole lot has changed although some of you may see something interesting historic detail in each photo.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. I note that the starboard anchor lacks a Turk's head and the life raft lacks a cover. Mary Day seems to have had a different wheel when launched and she had white painted chain bowsprit stays, not black wire rope. I don't recognize the curved rail in the last picture which seems to have been taken against the transom. What else?

  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite Windjammer. Differences between today and these photos. No lazerette (sp?), no office, and no staysail club. Did she have topmasts by 1977? I know when first launched and sailed in 1962 she didn't have the topmasts.

  3. The presence of a jib boom and what appears to be sheet and tack lines at the boom jaws might indicate the presence of topmasts. Also, more definitive evidence is what appears to be the lanyards and deadeyes for the topmast shrouds in the second picture, with the shroud itself rising at a steeper angle.

  4. Feliz cumplea√±os Mary Day! All I notice is that you get more beautiful every year. Your captains and crew take good care of you, and it shows. May you continue to grace the water for many years to come. Abrazos 🙂

  5. The intracacies of rigging and change aside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite schooner and, by proxy, to Barry and Jen along with all the crews who have made our day for lo these many happy cruises!!


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