Grateful to be Livin’ Large

windjammer cruises in maine, maine sailing vacations, maine windjammers, schooner Mary DayGood morning everyone.This image caught my eye in the sunset last evening as we lay at anchor in Northeast Harbor. For those of you who have not had a chance to travel here let’s just say that folks here are living large in their summer homes. By the way that means they have winter homes too. Maybe they even have spring and autumn homes. That’s OK but for those of us sitting aboard the schooner last evening watching guillemots dive and crows chasing bald eagles in the sunset we were witnessing a beautiful world while most shoreside estates stood empty. Richness was ours to enjoy. But before I start getting cynical about folks I don’t even know (some of whom made Acadia National Park possible) I just want to say “thank you.” I am grateful for this beautiful place we call home and all of you folks who have sacrificed to allow us to enjoy the simple riches. Relaxing at sunset, sailing the coast of Maine, astounding views of Acadia National Park rising from the ocean, enjoying stories shared by folks who were strangers three days ago and now share a story that is still unfolding. Thank you one and all.

Have a grateful day. Be well. Do good.



  1. Cap’n Barry,

    Debbi and I are in the final stretch before leaving next Friday to meet the Mary Day on the 22nd. Our good friends Dave and Jean Good have made several trips with you folks and their stories and picture logs absolutely enchanted us and made it a necessity to go “sailing” with you. I did a tour in the Navy back in the 70’s but the “sailing boat” I spent my time on was 1,067′ feet long and carried 5,000 crew on her. I really did enjoy my time at sea and am anxious to get back to the old lady and to look up at the stars at night and greet the sun in the morning. Can’t wait to get there, we are having a hard time not talking about the trip every little bit.

    See you soon,

  2. Sailed 6/29/14 thru 7/5/14. A very enjoyable sail. Not by plan, but we had an opportunity to see the quality of leadership and seamanship. A Captain can be measured by many yard sticks, but the ultimate measure is found in what happens in a time of close encounter and how the crew reacts and functions. Captain Barry, you have a grand, knowledgeable and proud crew. By my measuring stick, you have and are the best. Oh yea! Winning was a great experience too – your crew went one step beyond the call.

    To all who may read this, the Mary Day is a fine experience.

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