Goose Music

Good morning everyone. Another beautiful day here in Maine. The
wind was quite light for most of the day. We had a chance to get
ashore in Stonington. The Granite Museum was closed for the season
but Jan and Evelyn Kok were in their store, The Sign of the Purple
Fish, making music and custom hand crafted bookmarks and greeting
cards. More delightful people you will be hard pressed to find.

While weighing anchor a flock of Canada geese flew overhead honking
away. My heart leaps when I hear geese. Aldo Leopold, in A Sand
County Almanac, wrote lyrically about "goose music". I have never
been the same since I read his words. Sawyer was asking about the
days getting shorter and the meaning of the equinox. It is
unbelievable to me that the seasons turn as they do. There is plenty
of science to explain all the changes but how does one explain the
emotional changes of seasons to an 8 year old. We have many guests
aboard from southern states that keep telling me how hot the summer
has been back home and how hot it still is. While I find beauty in
all parts of our country I am afraid that my body is not wired for
heat. I welcome the change of the seasons. The kids were telling
guests how excited they are to go sledding in the driveway soon. Soon
it will be. But a few more days of heat are forecasted before the snow
flies and we have more miles to sail yet. And for the present we are
thankful. Good weather, great guests, the beautiful bay. It is all

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. I too eagerly await the changing of the seasons. New England is the best place to be when the leaves change colors. October is on its way. Are you ready for the party?

    October’s Party
    by George Cooper

    October gave a party;
    The leaves by hundreds came-
    The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
    And leaves of every name.
    The Sunshine spread a carpet,
    And everything was grand,
    Miss Weather led the dancing,
    Professor Wind the band.

    The Chestnuts came in yellow,
    The Oaks in crimson dressed;
    The lovely Misses Maple
    In scarlet looked their best;
    All balanced to their partners,
    And gaily fluttered by;
    The sight was like a rainbow
    New fallen from the sky.

    Then, in the rustic hollow,
    At hide-and-seek they played,
    The party closed at sundown,
    And everybody stayed.
    Professor Wind played louder;
    They flew along the ground;
    And then the party ended
    In jolly “hands around.”

  2. In days of ‘back remember when’
    I galloped on through life and then
    would stop at once to wonder why
    it all had flown so quickly by.

    Now as the Autumn fills the air
    and life seems lightened from it’s cares
    I think of scenes from days gone past
    and want those memories to last…

    To sweeten life when things seem low
    and warm me through the winter’s snow.
    Like honey hidden in the hive,
    those memories keep my dreams alive!

  3. Michele, thanks for ‘October’s Party’. This is my favorite time of the year as well. The colors changing, the air changing.. yummy all around. I am ready for the party!

    I don’t get to the blog every day, mostly because, when I read the posts, I get teary eyed.. I miss the experience so much, and being there just one month ago, makes me miss it even more each day. I cannot wait to get back on board again, and have yet another amazing and different experience.

    Thanks for all who share comments, and Barry and Jen, thanks for your blog..

  4. Sarah and I arrived back in Alabama yesterday to the heat and humidity. Barry, I know you thought it was hot in Camden Tuesday but it was nothing compared with Birmingham. Today we drove south to the coast. It is hot down here too, but at least I can see the gulf and feel the sea breeze. While standing in the sand with the warm gulf waters washing over my feet, if I squint my eyes just right and tilt my head I can almost see the Mary Day sailing hull down on the horizon. When I open my eyes I realize that what I saw was a drilling rig on the horizon, a sight not nearly as beautiful as the Mary Day (or any other schooner for that matter).

    I look forward to hearing the “Goose Music” as soon as the “honkers” make their way south to the wild wetlands of Alabama.

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