Frosted Cake

Good morning everyone. Well as if Monday wasn’t enough we did tack offshore yesterday towards Mt Desert Rock. With full sail set we left Frenchman Bay with our eyes peeled sharply on the horizon. Getting through our watch rotations was nigh on impossible. Late afternoon brought the cry from the bow watch “she blows!” Far in the distance we could see a humpback whale breeching so we eased sheets to get a closer look. She was a wary creature keeping at least a half mile off at all times. To see her spout was magic enough for me.

If you look closely at the right side of this picture you will noticed the spray still in the air from where she first spouted.

Please forgive my pictures. They are not that good but they might convey a little of the excitement we all felt. The show close aboard was no less amazing as shearwaters, a lone puffin, petrels and a blue fin tuna chasing fish and leaping clear of the water did not go unnoticed. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Have a great day. be well. Do good.

Who says you can’t walk on water? This shear water was running. You can see its legs taking strides during lift off.


  1. Thank you for the reminder that, wherever I am, whatever stresses and anxieties I may harbour, beyond my sightlines and below my feet there are still wondrous workings, and wonderful creatures at play.

  2. Yes, thank you! It's so great to take a quick break during the busy, hectic workday and check the blog.

    If someone were to ask me what should a person pack for the trip, I would respond that one need pack only three things:

    1. A sense of adventure
    2. A sense of humor
    3. A sense of wonder

    See you soon, beautiful Mary Day! 🙂

  3. To the crew and passengers that we sailed with on the week of July 12. I have posted some of the pictures I took during our trip. You can find them at Picasa.

    I have also posted pictures that ya'll took of the wedding at another link in Picasa.

    Note to Johanne, your fern glade pictures are here and here. There are others but I'm too lazy to provide the links. I bet you can find them.

  4. Excellent pictures! Congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. A wedding on the Mary Day; how romantic is that?

    Was our celebrity-cat a flower girl? How about Colby, was she the mutt of honor?

  5. Great photos. I really appreciated being on board The Mary Day with you Cap, the crew, and the other students. I learned a lot, mostly that I have a lot more to learn. I wasn't expecting it, but I came away with a deep appreciation for lobster fishermen: what difficult lives. Frenchboro was my favorite place. I'm glad we got to go on land daily, gave me a rich perspective I value.

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