Flying Bye

Good morning everyone. We saw these Canada geese in Jericho Bay. I don’t recall seeing geese on the bay like this. We have seen them overhead but not resting on the water. I am used to seeing them resting on the ponds and stream and in the salt bays protected from the ocean swells. I guess they were just flying bye!
Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

A particularly stunning sunset over Spruce Island.


  1. I wish I were back on the Mary Day. The wooden boat rendezvous was a blast! We had a great time. The food was fantastic. Every meal was perfection. The crew was terrific, as always.

    However, I need to warn fellow Mary Day-trippers about the wild vegetables growing in Maine. It must be something in the water. We had a cabbage on board who turned out to be a very unsavory character. He was not at all like our friend the zucchini, who turned out to be a family man. This cabbage had a moustache and a sinister leer. He was first seen in the galley, but then showed up in people‚Äôs cabins. I caught him in my bunk, and rumor has it that he also visited our dear captain! I thought we would get rid of him in the form of coleslaw, but the cook said she would not have anything to do with him. Imagine my surprise when got home, unpacked my bags and found him grinning maliciously at me! I promptly escorted him to the dumpster where he was found guilty of many charges, and carried away in a dump truck. So, next time you are on board the beautiful Mary Day, watch out for hitchhiking vegetables! 😉

  2. Six Days of good food, laughter and fun. What else could you ask for? Thanks for a wonderful vacation Captains Jen and Barry and the Mary Day Crew . . . . just a moment . . . . there is a “tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door” “Tis some visitor” . . . . OH MY GOSH! The unsavory Mr. Cabbage Head has turned up at my door . . . . I’ll have to get back to you.

    Lady M

  3. OH NO! That malevolent cabbage escaped the dump truck and is now stalking Mary Day Trippers! And Halloween is not too far off. Quick, someone get the Cuisinart! 🙂

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