Fall Maintenance

Good morning everyone. The sun has been kind to us these past few days and the crew has been spending much time aloft prepping and painting the mast heads and tarring the rig as part of our annual fall maintenance schedule. They were a little silly on tar fumes by the end of the day hence the rat board dance moves. Am I the only one who is reminded of Willy Wonka’s little friends at the sight of the crew in their tyvek suits? Schoona-loompas?The smell of tar, after all, is what we sailors live for. Extracted from the stumps and roots of pine trees through dry distillation pine tar will cure what ails you especially some skin conditions and any emotional maladies from being too long away from the sea. All we know for sure is that Mary Day‚Äôs rigging is kept hail and hearty by coats of tar mixed with boiled linseed oil. Notice that I specified boiled linseed oil and not raw linseed oil. Tar mix with raw linseed oil will not ‚Äúkick‚Äù. Don‚Äôt ask me how I know this‚Ķ just take my word for it.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. I get no kick from champagne, mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all so tell me why should it be true, that I get a kick out of boiled linseed oil

    With lots of apologies to Cole Porter.

  2. Good one Ed. Great pics captain. Love the schoona loompas. Nice to see the beautiful Mary Day getting ready for her winter rest. See you next year lovely lady. Abrazos

  3. All that sun and blue sky…absolutely beautiful. Which might not have been the first thing the intrepid crew was thinking when they suited up and lugged their witches brew aloft. Nonetheless their spirit is shining through.

  4. I love the blog!!! I just ran across you guys and I am so happy I did. I have worked on Schooner Liberty, Liberty Clipper and the Jolly 2 Rover in Key West and I love seeing you guys having as much fun as we did! Keep up the good (hard) work!!!

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