Escape to the Islands, Ayuh

Good morning everyone. The hot weather of this past week has finally broken as a weak cold front passed over the state of Maine last night. Thankfully the temperature this morning is a much more comfortable 43 degrees so I can type without breaking a sweat. Every window in the house is wide open. We are still trying to cool off.

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Escape the Heat

So my question to both of the people reading this is, if it is this hot now how are you ever going to cool off this summer? I have the same answer the big cruise ships advertise. Escape to the islands. The islands of Maine that is. When I drove in to the boat yesterday I was hit by a wall of cool air as I crested the hill just a few blocks from the harbor. The temperature must have dropped a good 20 degrees and the relief was palpable, still t-shirt and shorts weather as far as I am concerned. Of course, it is 43 degrees with all the windows open so take that from whence it comes. All the same, I think it is going to be a barn burner this summer so pack your duffle bags and escape to the islands of Maine. But don’t expect the natives to say “Ya mahn”, just “ayuh”.

By the away, how hot did it get this week where you live? I know we set some records here in Maine. How about your town?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Here in Alabama the heat has been unreasonable with temperatures rising into the upper 80s. Not at all spring like. A cold front came through last night bringing rain and cooler air. The world is a brighter place as the rain washed away the layer of yellow pollen that has covered everything.

  2. Barry,

    My sap boiler is very similar to yours. I did cut a hole in the top om barrel to have the sap pan drop down lower to heat the sides as well.

    Lois and I are now wintering in NC so not much sap boiling taking place this year. Miss it though, good excuse to get outside in late winter.

    We bought a 26′ sailboat (not wood 🙁 )for cruising last year and should be out on the water this summer. We should be out alot during late June and July. We’ll keep an eye out for you guys.

  3. Here in Manchester, NH, it peaked at 83 degrees. It was unbearable! We broke every record. It’s much cooler now, and quite lovely. This is what spring should be like. I have to agree with you 100%. The islands of Maine are lovely, especially when seen from the deck of the beautiful Mary Day.

  4. Oh the weather outside is much better. Temps are back to where they should be but I do fear for all of the creatures that started to stir during that really hot weather. The peepers were peeping and many plants blossomed or budded. Hang in there Mother Nature. I know you are resilient. Just hang on tight through the fickle seasons of New England.

    1. Just when I was getting ready to put the parka and some comforters in space bags for storage, the temperature did about-face here in NH. It was 25 degrees when I took the dog for a walk this morning!

      I’m not complaining; I love cold weather. However, there are serious concerns about the apple crops. Some trees have buds after last week’s record high temps and the hard frost could do a lot of damage. I hope things even out later this week and that the apple trees are ok. Apple picking time is one of the greatest pleasures of fall in this beautiful area.

      I send warm hugs to all.

  5. 87 in Jefferson so I’m told … we were in Mass visiting grandbabies for part of the “2012 heat wave” (a new one, Ryan Dwyer, born Mar 4 to add to the 2 year old, DJ Dwyer). Returned in time to enjoy some of it here in Jefferson. The strange thing was ice out on Damariscotta Lake was still March 21 according to the strict definition of “ice out”. We had open water in front of us but apparently the feeder Davis Stream was still iced in.

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