Clearing away the Fog

Good morning everyone. Lots to report to you this week. We have had a very busy last few weeks as you might guess combined with a lack of technology to get the blog out to you. Thanks for your patience. Working backwards… we are presently anchored here in Southwest Harbor. Yesterday was just about the best sail of the season. A westerly wind carried us under the bridge and easterly through the Eggemmoggin Reach. The topmast cleared by just a few feet… quite exciting. The onshore breeze carried us across lower Blue Hill Bay and across the Bass Harbor Bar past the lighthouse with full sail set. The cameras were pointed in both directions as the scenery was just amazing. Having any scenery at all is a wonder after Monday’s fog which followed a very foggy last week.
Some of you know we have been the platform for a sailing leadership academy for the fraternity Delta Tau Delta for the past 5 years. I am so pleased to be associated with these fine men and to see a fraternity so committed to bringing out the best in these young adults is very heartening. These guys worked their tails off all week long learning the ins and outs of life in these close quarters. Never did we lack for enthusiasm or for volunteers to get the job done. Each morning broke with yet another shade of fog and drizzle, a run ashore and then a dip in the invigorating waters of the chilly North Atlantic. I challenged them to grab the week by the horns and discover what it had to offer and what they were made of. On Friday they brought the schooner home to Camden with precision and care. They certainly left the schooner better than they found it and touched my heart with hope for these young men. That these men overcame the coldest foggiest week of the season and did it with alacrity is a credit to the strength in their hearts.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Happy I am that you had such a great sailing day yesterday. I know your passengers were well pleased. Tell Al that my turn is now less than two weeks away.

    May the fair winds continue.

  2. It occurred to me after I sent the previous comment that today (or tomorrow at the latest) will be the lobster bake on some remote beach beside the cold clear waters of Penobscot Bay. I got to thinking and went across to the bay (that’s Mobile Bay)and bartered for a mess of blue crabs in exchange for crab trap bait. My lunch today, 6 nice sized crabs, steamed in my kitchen and eaten on the deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. No, it wasn’t lobster but still good eats.

    As an aside, it sure is easier to eat lobster than crab. In fact, crab may be one of those foods where it takes more calories to pick it and eat than one takes in.

    I got my copy of the Maine Windjammer Association Newsletter today. Lot’s of good pictures including a fabulous sunset photograph taken by our favorite blogger and skipper, Barry King.

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