Camp Puckerbrush

Good morning everyone. I believe I have experienced too much of a good thing. I have been unable to make anything go on the computer this week because I filled the entire thing with photos…too many photos. So after several trips to the local big box store an hours drive away I have been able to finally slide a whole pile of pictures onto several back-up drives and clear the decks to take another 7 years worth of photos. Techno weenie I am not. Thanks once again to Jim Dugan for his wisdom and council.
I am often asked what we do when we want to go on vacation. To be truthful we don‚Äôt really do vacations around here but we do take a few days here and there to get away, mostly at the grace of others willing to invite us ‚Äúup-ta-camp.‚Äù So last weekend we got away to Camp Puckerbrush on South Twin Lake. Here are a few photos of the inspiration I found in the North Woods of Maine. It was a tad bit chilly in the morning but the days warmed up quickly. Sawyer and I went grouse hunting and we all hiked up Ragged Mt. Mt Katahdin was just magnificent as viewed from my canoe at sunrise. And Bean Hole Beans were a delight… more on that in the next blog. Not wanting to be a hypocrit for encouraging all of you to go for a swim in Maine’s bracing ocean temperatures, Sawyer and I took an after dinner dip just to complete that relaxing vacation experience. You can tell how relaxing it was by the expression on Sawyers face.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. The turkey is just about defrosted and the brine is ready for the bird to go for a very cold dip Wednesday afternoon. The chestnut stuffing will get made Wednesday. The sweet potatoes will be baked and served mashed with plenty of butter. The cauliflower and parsnips will be simmered in milk until soft and mashed with plenty of butter. The broccoli will be chopped, steamed and combined with mushrooms and rice all topped with cheese, and plenty of butter then baked. The pearl onions will get quickly steamed then covered with a bechamel sauce lightly flavored with nutmeg. A white potato salad and ambrosia complete the main menu. Dessert features a pumpkin spice cake, a peach pie, and a pumpkin swirl cheese cake.

    It must be Thanksgiving.

    It sure reminds me of Friday dinner aboard the Mary Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. My thanks go out to Jen, Barry, Sawyer and Courtney, and to the crew and all the passengers I've sailed with. Each and every trip has been a unique and wonderful experience.

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