Camden Windjammer Festival Weekend

Good morning everyone. The windjammer fleet arrived here in Camden Harbor yesterday afternoon. The harbor was packed with schooners as far as the eye could see through the forest of masts. There was a terrific talent show last night followed by fireworks over the harbor. This celebration is as much about the guests and the communities surrounding these vessels as it is about the vessels themselves. This is the last and largest fleet of large commercial sailing vessels in the country… a national treasure of sorts. This is the greatest show on earth and it happens every week here in Maine. How cool is that!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Thanks to Jim Dugan for these terrific photographs. He climbed Mt Battie to capture the fireworks and then the main mast to capture the fleet. That says alot about Jim and his continuous quest to share his very unique perspectives with the world.


  1. Well, what a wonderful birthday gift to check up on the blog and find not one, not two, but three new posts! Nice picture of Barry and Earl, meeting Earl this trip was a real treat. Earl is a neat person, with a fascinating story. Well, I'm 64 today and I wish I were sailing on the Mafy Day but it's a fine sunny day here in NH and I have three fine cats and my loving wife to share it with so I have nothing to complain about.

  2. That night picture of the fireworks is just crazy awesome, how does Jim keep doing that, this one is going up on the wall. Thanks Jim for all the photos you have contributed.

  3. Hi Tom and Anon,

    You should visit Jim Dugan's blog at his website He has a great slide show with 29 images of windjammer festival. Particularly the fireworks shots and the masthead shots. Very very cool!

  4. In a comment on a previous post I said that the space station was to come into view tonight (9/7) here in the Birmingham area. The sky and weather cooperated and we had a great view of that marvelous ship in the sky. It is astonishing to think that in my short lifetime I've witnessed the first often futile attempts to launch a man-made satellite into orbit followed by the successful Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions which ultimately led to men walking on the moon. I do remember where I was and what I was doing when the three Apollo astronauts died in the fire. I cried.

    The space shuttle is but a sailing ship that gets a great big nudge to leave home port and sails around until it glides back to port.

    The International Space Station is an awe inspiring achievement. Men and women living and working in space for months at a time was a nearly inconceivable dream when I was a kid.

    How far we have come since the heyday of ships sailing the oceans of Earth. Yet in many ways the ISS is like the ships that carried the explorers from Europe across oceans. At sea for many months having to be self-reliant and venturing into the unknown.

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