Bowing towards Winter

Good morning everyone. Well we have finished the sailing season in very fine fashion. Notice the bow-in winter configuration and the lack of sails on the spars. I won’t try to gloss over the amazing wonders, and challenges, that have given this season its unique twists. A few short sentences can’t sum it all up. I have been marveling with wonder at the amazing people and places we have been. While I will miss the bay very much I will also tell you it feels good to be ashore back with family and friends. These last few cruises were certainly challenging with weather systems moving through like a ball in ping pong match. The foliage is like nothing I have seen along the coast in years. My jaw hung open Saturday as Jack Frost’s magic spread far and wide across the entire Camden Hills. A photograph just couldn’t capture it all. The foliage on the drive from Camden to Appleton is astounding. So life here is good… no, great! We have just a few very busy weeks to get the boat put to bed before the crew head home.

I will say it several more times in the coming months but here goes anyway… Thanks! Thanks to all of you for your patience and your support this summer. For those who made it aboard… we enjoyed seeing you. For those folks who traveled elsewhere, we missed seeing you and look forward to sharing some memories through the blog in the coming months.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. Tempus Fugit. Time flies. It seems like only yesterday or 23 blog entries ago that this sailing season started. The circle of life for the Mary Day continues as she is put under wraps and must endure the dismantling, scrapping, and sanding before her new coats of paint are applied. From this arm chair sailor to the Captains and crew, thank you for another great season, may the winter be kind and next spring bring us all fair winds.

  2. Thank you Barry and hard-working crew, for a job well done, for the memories, and for enriching our lives. See you next year. Until then, we’ll have the blog to keep us up to date. Hugs, Michele

  3. Truly enjoyed our time with you again. Have a safe and great winter.

    Don Allen

    PS: Please tell Peggy that Pat found her book in my suitcase…the one with all the email addresses from the cruise and her recipe for the lobster dish!

    PPS: Never did eat that chocolate that I mistakenly took into the shower with me LOL LOL LOL!

  4. Crew and Captain, thanks so much for a great year for the schooner and good sail this year, hope to see you all next year, and you too, Don and Pat, please take care and have a nice winter.
    This blog also gives me something to look forward to, kind of like not totally leaving Camden.

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