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The 50th Birthday Party and Present: Photos

The crew posed with Belle after the rain cleared.

Over Labor Day Weekend, we had our 50th Birthday Party for Mary Day.

And we installed and unveiled her Birthday Present: a six-foot, hand-carved wooden eagle for the transom, lovingly carved, painted and gilded.

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Putting The Cover On

Barry and the crew put the cover on today, the white plastic shrink wrap that the Mary Day wears for the winter. All spars were brought inboard, a framework was set up, plastic hoops were strapped onto the framework. Then today, white plastic was rolled out and stretched over the hoops, then all gaps and joints were severely taped in place. Then Barry fired up his torch: an oversized hair dryer powered by a propane tank. You can see the heat in that picture to the right (click to see it larger). When he gets done with a section, it’s drum-tight, ready for most of what the winter brings.

How did he do that? (by Jim)

Many of you have by now seen my lobster bake photo in the Mary Day 2010 calendar. Pretty wild, huh?

And I’ve gotten a couple of “HOW did you do that?” questions. So I might as well answer all at once.

I wish I could tell you it’s my idea, completely original, etc. Not so much. I found this technique on the internet. Here’s a good roundup of how it’s done:

Fairly simple:

1. Make a panoramic series.
In this case, I stood on a rock with a good 360-degree view, with the schooner, the lobster bake and the beginning of sunset. I then took about a dozen pictures, turning a few degrees each time and making sure I overlapped enough. (I hesitate to publicly name a private island but I’ll tell you it’s near Bucks Harbor. If you know the area, you can likely figure it out.)

2. Turn the series into a panorama
I use Photoshop’s “autostitch” function to automatically (if slowly) create the panorama. All I have to do afterwards is a bit of cropping and cleanup.

3. Turn image 180 degrees
This ensures that the ground will be at the center and the sky will be at the edges. You can do it the opposite by not turning the image before doing the next step.

4. Apply the Filter
In Photoshop: Filter: Distort: Polar Coordinates.

And Bob’s your uncle.

Obviously, this requires a little planning and it won’t work for every picture. But it’s a nice tool to have ready for when it fits.

Jim Dugan

Celebrate Mary’s Life

Friends are Invited to a
Celebration of Life

to Remember Mary Barney

baker, cook, musician, friend
4 p.m., on Sunday, Oct. 11th
at Blueberry Cove Camp, Tenants Harbor, Maine

All are welcome. Please bring a pot-luck dish, preferably one with ties to Mary (from her cookbook or one that you’ve enjoyed with her). BYOB.

There will be some prepared remarks but also free time for all to
share memories of Mary. A slide show will also be run. Digital
pictures of Mary can be sent to by Oct. 5 at the latest.

Bring musical instruments for music and dancing. Bring items knitted by Mary.

In lieu of flowers, donations in Mary’s memory may be made on the day or can be sent to either

Kno-Wal-Lin Hospice House
c/o Kno-Wal-Lin
170 Pleasant Street
Rockland, ME 04841


The Mary Barney Memorial Garden
(to be sited at at the Trailing Yew)
Donations may be sent to:
The Mary Barney Memorial Garden
c/o The Trailing Yew
Monhegan Island, ME, 04852


Blueberry Cove Camp is in Tenants Harbor. From Thomaston at the Knox Mansion (Montpelier), turn off Rt. 1 and take US Route 131 South, towards St. George/Tenants Harbor. Follow Rt. 131 through the town of Tenants Harbor. Continue to follow Rt. 131 toward Port Clyde (The road veers to the left).

Take a left turn onto Harts Neck Road, a short way after the ball field (10.7 miles from Rt. 1). Blueberry Cove Camp is located at 22 Blueberry Cove Road. The driveway is on the left about 0.5 miles down Harts Neck Rd.

If anyone needs overnight accommodations contact Deb Small at 978-779-6860.

We hope to see you there as you too were part of Mary’s family. If you can’t make it but would like to share memories, email them to