A Spring Walk

Good morning everyone. Spring is theoretically here although the other day we awoke to a very thin white blanket of “poor mans fertilizer”. Believe it or not the temperatures did rebound clear up into the 40s; good enough for painting aboard the schooner. I am so impressed with the crew and how hard they have been working. They took a day off yesterday. The forecast for tomorrow looks promising for pushing more paint. As excited as I get about painting the schooner, I really enjoy a morning walk in the woods with the dogs; a grand tour of nature awakening in spring. The first flowering plant of the year is present in the swamp. Its brilliant red flower covers poking up through the snow and ice due to its very unique ability to generate heat. Do you know what it is?skunk cabbage emerging in spring The familiar call of spring peepers can be heard in the early evenings and this morning I heard a hermit thrush. The song of the hermit thrush is soul food.

Vernal Pool w:Ice

Other sure signs of spring, the cover came off the schooner on Thursday. Wow! Daylight and fresh air at last. We are waiting for the call from the shipyard. This is obviously a big time of year and the yard period is always the busiest. So if you happen to be in Rockland, Maine next week stop on by. We won’t really have any time to talk but I guarantee we’ll put a scraper and putty knife in your hands and put you to work.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.maine windjammer, wooden boat maintenance, signs of spring, windjammer cruises,


  1. Barry, I am going to go out for a spring walk with my dog today. too! I am not sure what that plant is, but I would love to know. And as for swinging by Rockland this week so you can give me a putty knife, I’m sorry, but I have plans.
    Take care,

  2. Don’t step on that plant. In our local dialect we call that a Skunk Cabbage. That is a beautiful picture of the brook with the last of the ice. I love the reflection of the bare trees eager to send forth new leaves while last years leaves are visible below the surface. Time marches on and spring brings renewal.
    Mary Day looks as happy to be out in the spring as the rest of us are.

  3. We escaped to Virgnia and N. Carolina the week you were in Rockland. Caulking and scraping would have taken me back to my camp counselor days. There was more caulk and putty to those old wooden rowboats than there was wood!
    Happy spring!

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