A Rainy Day in Windjammer World

Good morning everyone. Today is a shop day here in Maine. Torrential rains and thunderstorms are working their way up the coast as we speak and easterly winds are gusting in the harbor. So in their infinite wisdom the crew decided it would be best to work here at the global headquarters. Jen and I backed the yawl boat Arno into the barn last night. Our small sailing dinghy Rosie is in the shop getting ready for interior painting. Jen and Katie are putting the finishing touches on the quarterboards, carved by Havilah and Ron Hawkins back in the 70s when they were sailing with Buds Hawkins, their dad. 40 years old they require a little nursing each year to keep them going. The gold leaf detail is just beautiful and we don’t mind spending a little extra of your hard earned money to keep them shining with the real stuff. Gold paint just doesn’t even come close. Colby is overseeing everything from the comfort of her office (the couch) with occasional trips to the schooner for deck inspections.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. The beautiful Mary Day is worth twice her weight in gold. 🙂

    Looks like Colby got promoted to supervisor. Does she get paid in milk bones? LOL


  2. Two pretty girls in one blog! That's a rare treat.
    It would be too early here to remove the winter cover but the time must be drawing near in Maine.

  3. I don't mind you spending a little of my hard earned money on gold leaf…not at all. I am so worth it! 🙂

    -Cynnie xxoo

  4. Do many people come alone? My family and friends think I'm crazy!
    Committed this year to go without them!!

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Many folks travel single so you will not be alone. If your friends and family think your crazy then you are the kind of adventurous person we enjoy sailing with!

    Capt. Barry

  6. Dear Anonymous, As someone who loves to travel solo, I feel that I must address your posting. I have been sailing on the Mary Day since 2002, and am looking forward to my 10th trip. I ALWAYS travel alone! The first time, I had my moment of uncertainty, which went away after about 10 minutes on board. This is the ideal vacation for the solo traveler. You can keep to yourself, or meet and join others – the choice is yours. During the years that I've been sailing, I have met many wonderful people. We often sail together year after year, and keep in touch during the year via email, snail mail and phone calls. The captains are right; you are the kind of adventurous and intrepid traveler that we welcome onboard the beautiful Mary Day. By all means, book your trip, and prepare yourself for the vacation of a lifetime. Only, be warned; this can become addictive!

  7. Dear Anonomous, I too have been a solo traveler. I have been sailing with Capts Barry and Jen for (dare I say) 20+ years, and until I found my life partner, now husband, I ALWAYS traveled alone. It is an amazing experience to be aboard the Mary Day for a week.. and you will not be disappointed. I agree with what Michele says 100%. Come join the Mary Day family!

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