A Lot of Work and a Little Play

Good morning everyone. Just so you don’t think that all we do is work around here Jim Dugan caught the light just right to prove that the crew gets a few minutes off every couple of days. We launched our 1930s vintage Herreshoff livery tender yesterday and the crew took a wonderful sail on the dying afternoon breeze. The schooner sails in 10 days. But who’s counting?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


  1. I assume your ca. 1930 Herreshoff livery tender is the boat better known to Mary Day passengers as “Rosie.” Where does the term “livery tender” come from?

    You sail a week from Saturday. Only seven days now but I’m still counting the days until July.

  2. Have a good season, have some fun, make some money, and make some friends. Thanks for the hard work played out to keep the Mary Day in such pristine condition for us to enjoy. Thanks for the Tomato Bisque recipe, made for a good supper with a grilled cheese sandwich, it’s about 48degrees outside.

    146 days till sail, but who’s counting!

    “Livery” is old English referring to something that is “attached” to something else in it’s service, delivering services or material, (one reference). A livery stable has work horses belonging to a specific thing or company which bear the company logo. (One reference.)

  3. As of this moment (10:34 am CDT May 19, 2009) 47 days, 5 hours, 24 minutes, 27, 26, 25 seconds and counting. But I’m not wishing my life away. Plenty of other stuff to do – it’s just not on the Mary Day.

  4. My how time flies. It has been a while sice I checked your blog. Amazing to see all that you have accomplished in the last few weeks.
    Good to see Rosey under sail. Fond memories return of my first acquaintance with her last summer.

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